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Outbound sales experts in the B2B service world

Whether it’s scaling to global heights or securing a source of trouble-free clients.

Our goal is to achieve your agency's growth vision. Built around your identity and expertise our approach results in engaging conversations with companies facing the exact problem you solve, quickly turning them into booked sales meetings on your calendar, and sign contracts after.

For us it’s not a job - it’s an honor.

The right solution in every step of the way


The fastest way to new clients

Using an ultra-personalized outreach strategy, we detect and engage with your ideal prospects at scale. Presenting them to you – ready to talk business.


Hands-free revenue growth

With your calendar now full of calls with potential clients. To take the load off your shoulders, we appoint a professional freelance closer who will close deals for you. Giving you a fully outsourced sales model.


Your brand new growth machine

We install an already proven system: established lead-gen process, battle-tested pitch strategy, and tech stack. On top of that, we recruit a full-time sales leader to handle this client-printing machine. Kickstarting your full-scale sales department - you become autonomous.

Our favorite challenges

Lead generation

Generating qualified leads in need of your service

Full sales strategy development

From outreach to closing strategy – we got you covered

Sales outsourcing

Scale without any hiring headaches

Partnership network generation

Evergrowing source of inbound leads

Service productization

Transforming your service into a scalable and packaged offerings

ICP development

Lead quality is the most effective way to reduce your sales cycle

Partnership network generation

Evergrowing source of inbound leads

Service productization

Transforming your service into a scalable and packaged offerings

ICP development

Lead quality is the most effective way to reduce your sales cycle

Partnering with Ivoksi was an eye-opener for us. As a law agency, we used standard channels to attract new clients. Together with the team, Andrius helped us to detect where and how we could reach our audience on a scale, only taking a couple of weeks to close the first customer. Restructuring our communication was a huge part of our success. Obtaining knowledge on how value-based sales work and how to stand our offer from the competition will provide us with dividends for a long time.

Linas Ilciukas
Founder, Labex Law

I would like to spotlight the customer-centric approach that Ivoksi provides. From day one, it was clear that Ivoksi wasn't just focused on lead generation. They had their sights set on ensuring success throughout the entire sales pipeline, from start to finish. It was refreshing to see their commitment to the bigger picture. Their dedication to understanding our needs and goals helped us shape a closing strategy that truly resonated with our target audience. They went above and beyond, offering invaluable insights and guidance every step of the way. If you're an entrepreneur looking to scale your agency, I recommend Andrius and his team.

Domantas Buda
Founder, Invinso Digital Marketing

Frequently Asked Questions

We are a sales growth house, scaling digital agencies with industry-leading B2B sales – strategies, technologies & results. We serve agencies in marketing, advertising, web development, and data analytics fields. For them, we generate leads, create scalable sales pipelines & outsource sales.

Leads, Sales, Scale (LSS) is our developed methodology for digital agencies in different growth stages to reach their goals. Every service biz starts with founder-led sales. The goal of this program is to gradually shift this responsibility to the best-suited sales model for your agency while minimizing risks, costs, and time waste.

Established, quality services are a main part of this becoming a success. With that, there’s no problem that couldn’t be solved. The starting point would be to check if you have a proven track record of serving clients; Brand communication in the English language; Willingness to evaluate constructive feedback and adapt; Established SOPs; Clear client onboarding process (With the last one we can help).

Good question. A professional sales leader with our expertise level will cost you from 50 000 to 75 000$ yearly, depending on the country you’re hiring. The hiring process is also extra time-consuming. With our services, you can drive the same results with a fraction of the mentioned costs, skyrocketing your ROI. However, if you decide to hire, our recruiters can provide you with a suitable candidate - already equipped with our processes and winning tactics to drive results immediately.

For lead generation, we use Linkedin, Email, and cold-calling. Usually with lead-gen, first results arrive within a month from the start of the campaign.

For lead-gen our pricing model is strictly pay-per-lead, charging only for each qualified lead that shows up to the meeting. Simply the best results-oriented approach to B2B lead generation, offering you peace of mind and a clear return on investment. All other services are based on one-time payments.

We go through an in-depth analysis of your business, getting to know your strengths and values. From there we prepare a growth strategy and start executing it right away.

An important part of our services is feedback analysis. You can expect to receive our modeled suggestions, based on the feedback from engaging with your target audience. This will help improve the offer as well as gather market trends.

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